Who can become a member of the IBH?

Those who are part or full time dog trainers or behavior consultants and agree to uphold the Guiding Principles of the IBH e.V. And fulfill the criteria for membership can apply for said membership.

The Articles of Association

the Articles of Association must be accepted and followed

Need some proof of at least 5 continuing education courses given by the IBH or at/by IBH recognized institutions.

These "accredited institutions" are specifically not set by the IBH to a particular choice of speakers or institutions. Recognized accredited training institutions must comply to our Articles of Association: Force Free dog training as well as respectful interaction with the dog-human team. Each member proof of attendance with all documents / evidence will be individually investigated. In case of doubt with regard to educational qualifications, the application will be discussed and voted on in the full board.

Questionnaire for members / new members of the IBH

Each applicant will receive a questionnaire, which he/she will conscientiously and truthfully complete. This questionnaire must be filled out and accompany the application for membership.

How Do I Become a Member?

Please send a request for an application along with your business license to our business address via mail, email or fax. Then you will get, in addition to the membership application, that you can also find here to download, the Questionnaire for Members / New Members of the IBH eV. This must be completely and truthfully filled out.

The above mentioned documents must be returned together with the following:
A filled out membership application.
A filled out membership questionnaire.
Proof of at least 5 different completed courses of study or continuing education courses according to our criteria described above.

This written membership application and accompanying documents must be sent to our business office at:
Internationaler Berufsverband der Hundetrainer/innen (IBH) e.V.
Schopfheimer Straße 1
D-79115 Freiburg

What obligations do I have as a full member

You agree to attend at least 3 continuing education courses within 2 years of becoming a member. These must comply with the above described criteria. The certificates from which are to be submitted by the end of the calendar year. Furthermore, you agree to the Force Free training of dogs and not to apply any tools and/or methods that inflict pain or fear or hurt the animal. For more information please consult the Articles of Association.

How Do We Guarantee the Adherence to Articles of Association?

In accordance with the quality criteria set forth by TUV, we have built our own quality management system which is made available to our trainers and their schools. In order to insure compliance with these quality criteria, we have set up a system of inspections of trainers and schools, carried out by qualified external experts.

We are also dependent on cooperation of member dog training schools and their clients that these quality criteria are implemented. The IBH offer everyone the opportunity to point out inconsistencies, for example, if a trainer does not work for IBH guidelines. These complaints are always taken seriously and investigated! Our quality management system ensures that all members are treated equally.

We offer our members quality continuing education. Our continuing education is meant to expand the quality of our members' dog training abilities and skills.

What are the advantages of membership of the IBH?

The integration into a professional organization that is committed to the quality assurance in the field of dog training. We are TUV certified ISO 9001 with our own quality management system for the administration and monitoring of the quality criteria for the associated dog training schools, for the Dog Owners certification test, as well as press and public relations. These areas are fixed and run processes and make certain, that these processes can be effectively maintained. In this manner we have the appropriate resources to devote ourselves of our "real" work: providing our members with additional benefits.
We offer continuing education programs to our members at affordable/reduced rates.
We offer our members free legal advice in the area of civil law (non-court representative), including that concerning market competition and copyright law.
Members can offer their clients the opportunity to complete official Dog Owner course/test with SKN certification through the IBH. This certification is recognized in NRW according to their county dog control laws. We are working on getting this same status in other German counties. A reduced rate in the communal dog tax can be received by presenting these certificate to the local authorities.

Who can become a supporting member of the IBH?

Anyone who explicitly agrees to abide by and uphold the IBH's Articles of Association and wishes to support us can become a supporting member.
We must specifically point to the following points in the Articles of Association, which must be upheld: §3 3)-5) and § 3 b) a) and b).
Supporting members cannot hold elected office and have no voting rights. The term "Certified Member" can not be applied to Supporting Members.
To become Supporting Member, please send the properly filled out membership application, which you can also download here, to the IBH business offices.