The occupational description "Dog Trainer /-Psychologist" is not legally protected. Unfortunately to date there are no binding criteria and requirements for the accreditation of this occupation.

As there is no governmental accreditation of the occupation of a dog trainer and behavioural consultant according to uniformly determined qualification profiles, every person can and may call him-/herself a dog trainer and/or behavioural consultant, even if he/she has had no education whatsoever.

A dog keeper, who visits a dog training school or a dog trainer, therefore has no opportunity to discern a good training school from a bad one in advance. Thus, bad experiences for dog and owner are not infrequent.

The IBH sees its most urgent task in creating qualification concepts and establish a uniform and recognised education programme in the not too distant future. This also includes the cooperation with governmental authorities. The first step in this direction is the certification of the dog training schools of the members associated with the IBH.